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Have you ever wanted to know more about CCUS and how it can contribute to meeting Canada’s climate goals? Or how CO2 can turn into cement, or soap, or even bubbles in your beer? Or, how it stays permanently underground and how we monitor it? This is the place to hear stories about real projects happening today right from the people working on them—and ask all of your questions!

Catch up on storage with a recording of our CCUS Conversations on Day 3. 

Day Three: Storage

What makes Alberta’s geology so great for CO2 sequestration? How do we know CO2 will stay where we need it to stay? How do we monitor CO2 underground?  Our panelists chat about all things capture and weigh in on your questions.


  • Moderator: Candice Paton Director, Regulatory Affairs & External Relations – Enhance Energy
  • Greg Maidment Director, Operations and Applied Research – Carbon Management Canada
  • Brendan McGowan, General Manager, Reservoir & Development – Enhance Energy