We’re a Strange Brew

Cement, power generation, carbon capture, sequestration, cleantech development and beer. Our link? A desire to make a difference.

We are connected through our intent on reducing carbon emissions to help keep climate change in check. Together, we form the backbone of the Alberta Carbon Hub–a collaborative group of companies celebrating the real work that is happening now in Alberta and Canada to put us on the path to meet our climate goals.

Excitement for the Alberta Carbon Hub

“As a global leader in carbon capture, utilization and storage, and home to Canada’s first Hydrogen Hub, Alberta is setting the standard for large-scale industrial decarbonization. The Alberta Carbon Hub is visionary by design and is a critical component to leveraging efficiencies in the use of pore space for carbon sequestration in Alberta. This initiative is a significant operational example of Alberta companies supporting Canada’s path to net zero.”

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association


“CCUS has been identified as a key contributor in building out a net zero world. At the Energy Futures Lab, we know that collaboration, and leveraging our current assets and strengths are critical elements for creating the future energy system. The Alberta Carbon Hub’s contribution to applying those essential elements at this time in the energy transition is unique and exciting. As a part of the pathway to net zero, the Energy Futures Lab is encouraged by the efforts of this cross-sectoral group of companies.”

– Energy Futures Lab

Imagine what is possible when we work together.


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